The New York Knicks picked up wins  12 and 13 over the weekend, with convincing victories over the Wizards and Rockets.

Unlike many of the pieced together Knicks teams over the past two decades, the new brain trusts in the organization are building a foundation of young talented players, and adding some veterans to help bring them along.

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The rebuilding process started with Frank Ntilikina, Kevin Knox, and Mitchell Robinson, along with a few free agents like Julius Randall and Elfrid Payton.

The last two drafts have been very good for the Knick organization with selecting RJ Barrett last year, and the two outstanding draft picks in this past section, Obi Toppin, and Immanuel Quickley.

The latest signing of Derrick Rose came with some criticism, fans and analysts question the necessity of another backcourt player.

I think Tom Thidodeau proved his point; Rose has been a key player off the bench in just three games.

This young team has a ways to go, but they are exciting to watch, and I really think the organization may be on the way to a contender within a few seasons.

I have always said you have to build from the draft, that is the key to a solid team, the free agents will follow and I believe you will see that over the next few years with this team.

The New York Knicks management has finally stopped making band aide sections with pricey free agents who lack the supporting talent.

The team has a lot of talent so lets hope they continue to move the needle and take this to the next level.

The Knicks are 7th in the Eastern conference and could make the playoffs this year, if they can continue to improve and develop as a team.


Go Knicks!

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