Authorities are looking for whoever dumped 19 kittens in a plastic bag in a bathroom at AO Fox Hospital in Cooperstown while a nearby shelter asked for help caring for the orphans.

WNBF sister-station, WDOS in Oneonta reports: "It looks like there may be 3 or 4 different litters- some of the kittens are only 2 days old (still with umbilical cords), some are 2 to 3 weeks and some are 4 weeks."  WDOS’s “Big Chuck” says: “The hospital staff acted fast and found a volunteer to run the kittens down to the shelter.”

Susquehanna Animal Shelter officials say all the kittens will need to be bottle fed and they were seeing if one of the shelter’s nursing mothers will take the 2 day olds.

Reporter Leslie Ann reports this morning: "We have an update on the condition of the 19 kittens found Wednesday at AO Fox Hospital in Oneonta. On the Susquehanna Animal Shelter's facebook page, it states that all the babies are doing fine with 14 of them being placed at foster homes. Five kittens were so young, some only days old, and those are still at the shelter being nursed by one of their adult cats. Shelter officials say they are in need of kitten formula, bottles, nipples and eye droppers, microwave heating pads and kitten food. Cash donations are also needed.

The shelter says, “Unfortunately, in the summer this is a very common occurrence.” A PayPal account has been set up to help

You can also mail the Susquehanna Animal Shelter at 4841 State Highway 28, Cooperstown NY 13326. The shelter may be reached by calling 607-547-8111 and is open Tuesday-Saturday 12 to 4.

WDOS' reports can be found at

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