Johnson City Police Chief Brent Dodge talks about the new Community Action Team or C.A.T. Unit on the July 9 edition of the weekly, local public affairs program, Southern Tier Close Up.

Dodge says, through federal funding, two officers could be hired to focus on large areas of the troubled South Side district of the Village, talking to residents and looking for underlying problems that could lead to more serious crime.  Dodge says littering, loud disturbances and incidents of public drinking or harassing behavior can be curbed, driving out undesirable elements.

Traditional patrols are assigned to specific districts and officers normally don't have the time to spend weeding out underlying issues in neighborhoods.

Police and Village officials met with neighbors in targeted areas and, according to the Chief, have gotten positive response to the C.A.T. efforts, which have already resulted in moving some bad elements out of targeted neighborhoods.

Dodge also discusses what residents should know when it comes to recognizing problems, dispute resolution techniques and how to contact police for help.

Southern Tier Close Up airs Saturdays at 12:10 p.m. on News Radio 1290 WNBF.

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