This football season has gotten a lot of attention thanks to one of the biggest names in entertainment.

Taylor Swift Takes Over the 2023-2024 Season

Love it or hate it, Taylor Swift was a huge part of the NFL season this year.The singer-songwriter started dating Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce and showing up at games at the beginning of the season.

Since then the NFL acquired millions of new football fans in young women and fans of Swift.

One company saw just how big the impact was especially when it came to dads and daughters spending more time with each other on Sundays. Cetaphil shared their #GameTimeGlow movement just in time for the Super Bowl.

Game Time Glow with NY Father-Daughter Duo

In the regional ad, which may not have been broadcast across the US during the big game, Cetaphil wrote:

This season, dads and daughters found a new way to connect. Let's celebrate that #GameTimeGlow.

At the end of the commercial, we learn that the father-daughter duo aren't actors, but an actual family from New York.


As mentioned before, the commercial may not have been shown nationally and that's a shame. It shows a true representation of a lot of families throughout the football season this year.

Watch the full commercial below:

Cetaphil Ad Gets Backlash After TikToc Accusations

While the commercial may have moved some to tears, others were shedding different emotions. A TikToker, that goes by sharavinaaa on the app, saw a couple of similarities between her content and the commercial.


In a video posted to social media, the content creator said "Y’all could’ve at least given us credit." Sharavinaaa posted several videos over the NFL season of her and her dad talking Taylor Swift and her relationship with the Tight End:

@sharavinaaa Replying to @theeroyaltea He’s so invested #taylorswift #traviskelce #swifttok #swifties #fyp ♬ original sound - Sharon Mbabazi

Thankfully, Cetaphil has made everything right. They go on to say how the similarities prove just how big the impact of Swift was. In a statement from Cetaphil shared by Adweek, they explain:

“The Cetaphil brand developed its ‘Game Time Glow’ campaign as an original creation and without seeing Sharon’s TikTok content. We were inspired by a unique trend this year in which numerous young women and girls have been bonding with their fathers over football and posting about it on their social channels.

They go on to add “After speaking with Sharon, we see how she contributed to this trend personally. This campaign was a response to that trend, and we are therefore not surprised the campaign connects with so many.”

What was your favorite commercial at this years Super Bowl?

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