The Rochester Lilac Festival is the city's herald of spring, welcoming residents and visitors alike with the enchanting beauty and fragrant aroma of lilacs, May 10-19, 2024 at Highland Park in Rochester, New York.

This much-anticipated event offers an array of activities, entertainment, and, of course, the opportunity to marvel at the vast collection of lilac bushes in full bloom, and this year, the festival celebrates 126 years.

A Historic Tradition

The festival, with its deep roots in Rochester's cultural and social calendar, has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the largest and most loved floral celebrations in North America with nearly half a  million visitors estimated in attendance over ten days.

The Rochester Lilac Festival attracts garden enthusiasts, families, and tourists from all corners of the globe who come to bask in the beauty of over 500 varieties of lilacs spread across Highland Park.

What to Expect

While specific details and event highlights for this year's Rochester Lilac Festival have not yet been disclosed, attendees can anticipate a lively and engaging lineup of activities based on past festivals. These typically include:

Live Music and Performances: Multiple stages showcase a diverse mix of artists and bands, providing entertainment for all ages and tastes.

Food and Drink: Local vendors and food trucks serve up a variety of delicious fare, from traditional festival snacks to gourmet dishes, complemented by craft beers, wines, and artisanal beverages.

Art and Craft Exhibitors: Artists and crafters display their work, offering a unique shopping experience for one-of-a-kind gifts and souvenirs.

Family-Friendly Activities: The festival ensures there's plenty of fun for the younger attendees with children's entertainment, activities, and interactive exhibits.

Gardening Insights and More: Gardening enthusiasts can gain insights from lilac experts, participate in horticultural tours, and even purchase their lilac bushes to take home.

Giving Back to the Community

The Rochester Lilac Festival is not just about celebrating spring and flowers; it also focuses on community engagement and support. The event often partners with local charities and organizations, providing a platform for awareness and fundraising efforts.

Plan Your Visit

Those planning to visit the Rochester Lilac Festival are encouraged to check the official website for the latest information on dates, times, and specific events for this year's celebration. With free admission, the festival offers a budget-friendly, joyful outing for individuals and families alike.

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