The last time that a lottery jackpot was extremely high, I asked a friend what she would do if she won buckets of money. Instead of giving me the typical answer most give such as that she would save it, pay off debt, donate to charity - this friend looked at me with a deadpan face and asked why I would even waste my time daydreaming about something so out of reach.

Well, then.

For many years, daydreaming was seen as the stuff of slackers or people with no real ambition but those of us who work hard, live typical lives, and still daydream will tell you that the act helps us with decision making and in a way, gives us a goal to work toward not to mention a mental break from reality.

Don't just take this daydreamer's word - research by Georgia Tech discovered that people who daydream regularly score higher on intellectual and creative ability and also have more efficient brain systems as measured by MRI tests. Simply put, daydreaming makes you smart.

My husband and I have often daydreamed about what we would do if we found ourselves with an insane amount of money - you know, after the bills are paid and people are taken care of, and the answer we keep returning to is that we'd buy the 200 acres of land next to where we live and we would call in the Treehouse Masters and have luxury tree houses built and then rent them out to people through a themed Airbnb, if you will.

People always talk about the responsible things they would do if they won the lottery but we thought that it would be fun to ask people to share with us the frivolous thing(s) they would do if they won $630 million in Friday's Mega Millions and we loved all of the answers!

Check Out the Frivolous Things People Say They’d Spend Money on if They Won the Lottery

We asked people what frivolous thing they'd spend money on if they won the lottery (after all bills and such are paid, obviously) and their answers didn't disappoint!

Gallery Credit: Traci Taylor

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