Did New York learn nothing from the man in New Jersey who dumped nearly 500 pounds of pasta in the woods? No, no we did not.

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An Upstate New York hunter has been ticketed for illegally baiting a bear during the early bear season, according to a recent report by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

The incident occurred on September 10 in the Catskills town of Saugerties, where the accused hunter dumped a pile of cooked macaroni noodles on the ground. Bear baiting is illegal in New York, and two DEC police officers were called to investigate after receiving a report of potential bear baiting.

The officers found the noodles scattered on the ground approximately 75 yards in front of the hunter on a farm road. When questioned, the hunter claimed that it was his lunch leftovers. However, the officers didn't believe the hunter's explanation and ticketed him for hunting bears with the aid of pre-established bait and failing to wear a back-tag.

The DEC says that illegal baiting of bears can increase the likelihood of human-bear conflicts, especially when it occurs close to residential areas. This case serves as a warning that authorities do monitor and penalize those who disregard wildlife and conservation laws.

Aside from baiting for the purpose of hunting, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) advises against feeding wildlife. While specific regulations may vary depending on the species and the circumstances, it is important to note that intentionally feeding wild deer or moose is strictly prohibited in New York.

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