If you've ever wished you could have a real conversation with your furry companions, you better hold on to your leashes! A recent article from the New York Post, gave us a glimpse into the world of pet psychics and their approach to pet and human communication.

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Pet psychic Laura Stinchfield, who is a psychic medium and author, says we should be concise when we send messages to our pets. She believes that being clear in our minds and bodies, along with a visible message can make all the difference.

Stinchfield gives tips for good communication with our pets. Our body language is important and we should stay calm and focused, when we show our emotions through mental images.

According to Stinchfield instead of saying, "Don't bark," which can be confusing, we should say "When you bark out the window, it makes me upset." You still with me?

She gives us her way of mentally showing our pets how it should be done outside of the house. We should help our furry friends to understand what's happening and how to respond when it comes to the mailman or a car.

This will also help with separation anxiety when we leave our pets alone, and give them images of where we're going. What if you have a hard time visualizing? Stinchfield says to focus on clear out loud communication.

She stresses the importance of being present and avoiding distractions so you can connect with your pets. The pet psychic say that it's not just a one-sided conversation. Our pets could be trying to communicate with us too!

By being self-aware, we can tell if our pets are trying to send us a message too. It could feeling an ache in our body that actually is an issue our pet is going through too. By asking our pets if they are trying to tell us something, we might be able to understand what they are telling us.

If you want to send a message of love and compassion to your pets, here is some good news! Nicole Love, also a pet psychic, says we should put our hands lightly on our pet and let them know that we are sending them love and healing energy. It may sound a little like Dr. Doolittle but it could be worth a try.

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