Dear 911 Dispatchers,

We often hear about the brave heroes – firefighters, police officers, paramedics – who rush into dangerous situations to safeguard their fellow citizens. Yet, the role you, the 911 dispatchers, play often remains unsung. You are the first point of contact in an emergency, the calming voice on the other end of the line that initiates the response and quite often, saves lives.

In times of crisis, your roles become more crucial than ever. This letter serves as a heartfelt thank you for your unwavering commitment and dedication to serving the people of New York.

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We appreciate the fact that beyond your professional obligations, you shoulder immense emotional responsibility. You are tasked with reassuring panicked callers, extracting critical information from those overwhelmed by their situations, and providing potentially life-saving instructions, all while dispatching the appropriate response teams.

Take heart in the fact that even if the people you've helped might not know your names, they certainly remember your reassurances, your measured calm, and your guidance. You have made a significant difference in their most trying moments.

We are grateful for your tireless efforts to connect, protect, and serve. Though your work often happens behind the scenes, you are every bit as heroic as those on the front lines. Your dedication, resilience, and compassion inspire us and make us proud.

On behalf of every New Yorker, we say thank you. Please know that your devotion to service is appreciated, honored, and deeply respected.

With the greatest gratitude,
The people of New York

The second week of April each year marks National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week —a time to acknowledge and commend the skilled telecommunication professionals within the public safety sector. This is an occasion specifically dedicated to celebrating those who are always ready to respond to our 911 calls for assistance.

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