New Yorkers all know the struggle of dealing with energy bills that keep getting bigger, BIGGER and BIGGER. But just how much have our bills gone up in the last decade?

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The people at Mr. Electric looked at a ton of data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. They wanted to figure out the average monthly household electricity cost in each state and how much that it has changed over the years. So, what did they find for New Yorkers?

Hold onto your head and wallets because on average, we're spending about $1,097.98 every month. Ouch, I may need to take an aspirin for my pounding head and hurting heart!

How Much Have Energy Costs Risen In The Last Ten Years

Now, let's look at the increase in our energy costs. Since 2012, our bills have gone up by 3.15%. That might not seem like a big jump but it's still an extra $33.58 per household every year. That's a few extra slices of pizza we could've enjoyed!

Nationally, electric bills have seen a more dramatic rise of 10.8% over the past decade. That means the average household is paying an extra $113.29 per year. Add a stomach ache to my pounding head and hurting wallet. That’s a big hike!

Energy bills in New York have climbed up over the years, but we're not alone in this struggle. All across the United States, people are feeling the sting of rising energy costs. New Yorkers can take a tiny bit of comfort knowing that our increase hasn't been as high as the national average.

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