Recently I spent a weekend in Lancaster, Pa and one thing that I noticed as I was driving around God's country was all the stars on the barns. Then when I returned home to the Southern Tier, I noticed a few barns that had stars on them as well.

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When I went to visit my parents in Warren Center, Pa, I noticed that they had a star on their barn as well. I asked them why they had a star on their barn. My dad's reply was that they liked the way the barn looked with the star on it. I would agree, I looked awesome.

Now that I've seen them, I can't unsee them...not that I want to. It's not uncommon to see a bright red barn with a large five-point star adorned on the side of it. It has to be more than a pretty decoration, right?

What Does A Star On A Barn Mean?

The barn stars are called Pennsylvania stars or primitive stars. They were put on barns by the early Dutch and German setters to keep the evil away. The barn stars would also bring good luck to the farmers as well.

Have you noticed that the star on the barn are different colors too? Apparently the barn star color has a special meaning as well.

What Does The Color Of The Barn Star Mean?

A brown barn star is to symbolize friendship and strength. white means purity and energy. A violet barn star is holy while a green star symbolizes hope for growth and fertility on the farm.

A blue or black barn star means protection for the farm. Finally a bright yellow start means love of man and the sun. Maybe I'll have to get a couple of these stars and put them on my garage.

This would also be a fantastic gift for the farmer in your life. They not only look good on the barn (or your garage) but it'll make a great conversation starter too.

[via Taste Of Home]

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