The first of the holidays are just about here. You know, Thanksgiving. It's that holiday between Halloween and Christmas in case anyone forgot. Just think, it's a four-day holiday for many, versus the one, or maybe a two-day holiday for Christmas and New Year.

Thanksgiving is above all, giving thanks. To whatever you feel thankful for. And it's also about family, getting together with the ones you love, a dinner feast, football, relaxing, or whatever you like to do during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Favorite Local Alcoholic Beverage For Thanksgiving

But what about beverages? We recently asked you - What is the best local wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverage to bring to a Thanksgiving Dinner? And you answered with some great suggestions. Check out below some of the beverages recommended for your Thanksgiving dinner from the responses to our question:

Favorite Local Alcoholic Beverage For Thanksgiving Dinner

These Are Your Choices For Thanksgiving Dinner Drinks

Turkey-Shaped Pizza?

And speaking of Thanksgiving, what will you be serving up this year for dinner? Sure, turkey has always been the main course for many. My family has experimented at times, with (and don't judge, please), lobster, lasagna, a turkey-shaped pizza (seen below), cornish game hen, mushroom pot pie, and vegetable casserole to name a few. Yea, we like to change things up from time to time.

Turkey Pizza

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