Dreaming of living a life with no financial issues. That's what we would all like to have in our lifetimes. One way to achieve that is purely by luck.

Of course, I'm speaking of winning the lottery. And if you do, being responsible with those winnings could help you to financial freedom. Some do and some don't.

Local CASH4LIFE Winner

The Binghamton Home Page website reports that they may have been a local winner of the New York State Lottery's CASH4LIFE. The ticket was purchased at the Mirabito convenience store in Marathon.

CASH4LIFE comes with a guarantee of $1000 a week for life. I could live with that, but I would most probably hire a financial consultant since I have trouble spending wisely.


Who Blows Through $50 Million In 8 Years?

And speaking of burning through lottery winnings, the New York Post recently wrote about a person in Scotland, Colin Weir, who won a $257.6 million EuroMillions jackpot in 2011, which was a record-breaker at that time.

The New York Post reports that Colin passed away in 2019. But between the time he won all that money and the time he passed, Colin was spending about $131,000 per week. The article state that he went through $50 million in just eight years.

Colin bought up just over half of the Glasgow Partick Thistle Football Club, spent $6 million on a new home, bought racing thoroughbreds, and expensive cars according to the New York Post through the website The Independent.

But, in 2018, after being married for four decades, he divorced his wife, who ended up with most of his winnings. A curse that we have heard about from other large lottery winners in the past.

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