I applaud whoever came up with the idea of dog parks. While there are plenty of places to walk your dog, you must keep them on a leash at all times. It's your the safety of your pet, those you may come in contact with, and keeps your dog on the right path.

Dog Park
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One thing I don't like, and it's just me, are those expandable leashes. I think they can sometimes get out of control or I see people walking their dogs on one of these leases too far away between the dog and human. If used properly, that's fine, but too many times I see the length as what I believe is dangerous. Again, just my opinion.

Labrador retriever with leash is waiting for walk

Anyway, we have a few dog parks in the Southern Tier of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania to take your dog, and let them run free. It's fun to watch them have fun in a safe, enclosed area, and it allows them to get some needed exercise as well.


There are Do's and Don'ts at dog parks, and here are some to keep in mind when taking Rover to your local dog park, according to Wellness Pet Food:

First, the Do's - if your dog does his business, and you know what I mean, clean it up. Dog parks have places to dispose of waste. Also, keep an eye on your dog. Same as you would with your child at a park. Sometimes dogs don't play well with each other.

Labrador dog barking and playing in the city park, portrait

As for the Don'ts - Wellness Pet Food recommends that if your dog is sick or not vaccinated, do not bring your pet to the dog park. Also, no bullying is allowed. Yes, dogs can be bullies. Keep food that a human would consume, out of the park. You don't really want every dog in the park running up to you, do you?

Group of dogs playing in the park

If you have a dog that doesn't listen to your commands, maybe they are not ready for a dog park. You need to be in total control of your dog. And Wellness Pet Food recommends that you not keep your dog on a lease in a no-lease dog park. The reason for safety issues for other dogs, especially when using a retractable leash.

You may wonder where there are local dog parks. Here are a few located in Tioga County, Broome County and Chenango County:

Binghamton Areas Dog Parks

via Wellness Pet Food

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