Chad Powers. Just who is this person? Well, according to the New York Football Giants website, a man named Chad Powers recently tried out as a walk-on to join the Penn State Football team. On the surface, you may think, who cares? Well, there's more to the story when you dig into it.

One of the best quarterbacks to come out of the New York Giants Football team is Eli Manning. According to ESPN, During Eli's career, he played in 236 games, threw 366 touchdowns, and achieved a win-loss record of 118-118.

After retiring as the quarterback for the New York Football Giants, Eli Manning has appeared many times in the media and hosts a college football show called 'Eli's Places' as seen on the ESPN+ television network.

According to the New York Giants website, on a recent episode of Eli's Places, he decided to go undercover as a person named 'Chad Powers', a substitute teacher and part-time carpenter, to try out for quarterback as a walk-on for the Penn State football team, with the blessing of the Nittany Lions Head Coach James Franklin.

A makeup artist changed up the look of Eli Manning so much, that no one knew it was him except for those in on the joke. The wig looks quite a bit messy in my opinion, but it works for what they were trying to achieve.

So, did Eli fool the players during the walk-on tryout? Well, take a look for yourself below from the ESPN YouTube video. I wonder if he would have made the team if not for the ineligibilities.

[via ESPN, New York Giants]

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