It's exciting to find out a movie is being shot in the Binghamton area. We've had a few, including Liebestraum, filmed in 1991 starring Kim Novak and Bill Pullman, and The Rewrite in 2014 starring Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei.

Sometimes, movies being filmed in a particular community, ask for extras to audition as well. You may not get a speaking part and your on-screen time may be only a second, but you could always brag that you were in a movie.

The Visit Binghamton Film Office through a release from The Agency, Broome County IDA/LDC, has announced that a feature film directed by Daniel V. Masciari called 'Stationed at Home' will be filmed in Binghamton beginning January 30th through  February 17th, and they are searching for actors to fill five main roles in the movie.

Is this your chance to act in a movie? The release states that experience in acting is preferred but it is not required. Persons hired as cast members will be hired "under the SAG moderate low agreement with rates set per SAG ($"

The Binghamton Film Office describes the movie as such:

“Stationed at Home” is a film set in Binghamton, about a solitary taxi driver on a frigid graveyard shift, breathlessly awaiting a mysterious space sighting. As the hours count down, an offbeat ensemble of misfit passengers derails the drivers plans. In this poetic, hilarious and often absurd tale, these complete strangers discover unexpected unity and a newfound understanding of their place among the stars.

For those interested in applying for an acting role in the movie, submit via email, a headshot or recent photo, your acting resume, and the role you are submitting for, to with the subject line - “Stationed at Home Casting.”

The roles to be filled are:

  • Frank (male, any ethnicity, 50s-70s): A disgruntled cab dispatcher.
  • The Doorman  (male, any ethnicity, 50s-80s): A short, scruffy, eccentric man who spends his time tending to a hotel.
  • Albert (male, African American, 60s-80s): A stoic and caring grandfather, who owns an antique shop.
  • Damien (male, African American, 7-11 years old). Will need to have a child performer working permit.
  • Hou (male, Chinese, 20s/30s, 5'8 or under preferably, slim): A Chinese immigrant, a loner, and has recently moved to Binghamton, NY.

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