If you're going to break the law while hunting in New York, you probably shouldn't post it on social media.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Officers (DEC) conducted a compliance inspection of a wild game butcher shop in Wurstboro, New York in Sullivan County. That's where they found a four-point buck that appeared to have been taken from an area with a minimum three-point (on at least one side) antler restriction.

The hunter’s license and tag were purchased on the same afternoon the buck was shot.

Social Media Uncovers Poacher

A check on social media for the name on the license uncovered it belonged to a woman in Monticello, New York. A visit to her husband’s social media page showed a picture of the same four-point buck identified in the butcher shop. And the husband was in the picture!

In the words of Ron White, "You can't fix stupid."

Credit - NYS DEC
Credit - NYS DEC

Tags After Shooting

Environmental Conservation Officers interviewed the husband who admitted to shooting the deer in Wildlife Management Area (WMA) 3K, which has an antler restriction.

He went on to admit that he called his wife AFTER shooting the deer and instructed her to purchase tags.

Both the husband and the wife received several citations including the illegal take of a big game without three points on one side and lending tags to another, which is also against the law.

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