Are you registered with 23andMe? If so, your DNA-related information might be compromised.

Fast Company reports an October data breach has impacted 6.9 million 23andMe users — nearly half of the entire user base for the popular online DNA and genetic testing registry.

According to documents filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission back in October, 23andMe originally reported that the hack had only affected a "very small percentage (0.1%) of user accounts."

This week, however, it was revealed the actual number of impacted user accounts totals nearly 7 million.

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The New York Times reports the hackers responsible for the data breach were able to gain information from the website thanks to a feature called "DNA Relatives," which allows users to share information with other users who may share similar DNA.

Hackers used the "Data Relatives" feature to compile data from 5.5 million users, as well as the site's "Family Tree" feature to compile information from an additional 1.4 million users.

How to Find Out if Your 23andMe Data Was Compromised in Hack:

According to the official 23andMe blog, the company will send out a notification to users whose personal information has been compromised.

It's unclear when affected users will be notified.

In an effort to strengthen the site's security following the data breach, 23andMe has implemented a mandatory two-factor authorization sign-in system for all current and future users.

As for what exactly happened to users' potentially hacked information in the wake of the breach, a spokesperson for 23andMe told Fast Company they "have not learned of any reports of inappropriate use of the data after the leak."

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