Local shopping areas were very busy today with many shoppers taking advantage of sunshine and mild temperatures.  With temperatures at or near 50 degrees holiday shoppers jammed shopping area like the Oakdale Mall, Townsquare Mall and roads and highways around those areas.

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Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News (file)
Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News (file)

WNBF mobile reporters said traffic was backed up getting into the Oakdale Mall and Wegman's in Johnson City.  Route 201 in Johnson City and Vestal was also reported backed-up and Townsquare Mall in Vestal had plenty of traffic and shoppers as well.

Mild and dry weather continues on Tuesday with another large turnout of shoppers expected.  Many stores will be open into the late afternoon or evening to take care of late holiday shoppers.

The forecast for Christmas Day is sunny with a high of 46.  No precipitation is expected until Thursday night.

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