Governor Andrew Cuomo is moving forward with a possible ban on single-use plastic bags throughout New York State while some Southern Tier residents relay stories on what it could entail.

The Democrat said on January 13 that he wanted to ban the bags to create a “cleaner and greener New York for all.”

Cuomo proposed an outright ban on the bags that are said to be clogging landfills and choking waterways in April. This, after New York City proposed a fee on plastic bags and was shot down in 2017.

New York City does now have a ban on plastic shopping bags.  Some local residents visiting New York City recently said they had to buy canvas bags at a shop in addition to their souvenir purchases due to the ban on plastic bags.

Cuomo, a Democrat, is scheduled to release his executive budget on January 15. A final budget in negotiation with the state Legislature is supposed to be passed by April 1.

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