Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images [file photo][/caption]The director of the documentary Gasland wants to discuss fracking with Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Josh Fox has been working on a sequel to the 2010 anti-fracking documentary that was shown on HBO.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program today, Fox said he's been writing to the governor every three months or so to request an interview "for the last two years."

Fox said he had submitted a long list of questions in writing. He said: "I'm hoping for a dialogue with the governor."

Fox said he wrote this morning to one of Cuomo's deputies asking him questions about newly-developed information about the relationship between fracking and seismic activity.

Fox noted the governor expressed concern about climate change in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy last fall.

But Fox said "you can't be for fixing the climate change problem and then opening up the whole state to massive fossil fuel development" that would occur if fracking is allowed.

Fox said Cuomo "has a chance right now to change the world. Everybody knows that what happens in New York will affect the situation worldwide."

In Fox's view, it's a "situation that would make a lot of politicians cringe and be terrified." He said he believes the question for Cuomo is "does he want to be a politician or does he want to be a leader?"

Fox and other high-profile fracking foes gathered in Albany today as Department of Environmental Conservation commissioner Joe Martens answered gas development questions from lawmakers during a budget hearing.

The original Gasland film was seen by many on HBO and in community showings sponsored by groups concerned about the use of high-volume hydraulic fracturing.

Fox said the sequel is "very close to being finished." He said it will deal with the way the fracking issue has been addressed by various government entities. He said he doesn't know when it will be released.