The series was campy, and the special effects prehistoric by today’s standards, but each Wednesday night this little boy was Lost In Space.

You may have seen the Netflix series Lost in Space, and if you’re not over 40 you may not know that long before this reboot, there was an original television series.

The series debuted in 1965 and aired Wednesdays at 7:30p, so for the first season, I was only allowed to watch the first half, because my bedtime was 8pm. I did catch up during the summer reruns, when I didn’t have school.

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The series was about a family (last name Robinson) who were on a mission to Alpha Centuri, when a stowaway saboteur (Dr Smith), caused the ship to go off course thus leaving them Lost in Space.

The first season was also in black and white and the story lines were dark for the first half, then character development took over, and the show started to become funny and campy, as Dr Smith’s evil side changed to an enduring character.

Then there the Robot, the coolest part of the space aged show, unlike anything I had every seen.

Dr Smith, the Robot and the youngest member of the family, Will Robinson became a big part of the show.

The aliens were always exciting, and each week they would encounter something different.

The show was cancelled after its third season, and the Robinson family, John, Maureen, Judy, Penney, and Will, along with major Don West and Dr Smith, never made it back home.

I have all three season on video, and I still put on an episode once in a while, and flashback to those Wednesday nights.


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