John Lennon would have turned 80 years old today, so we’ll flashback to one of the most influential  figures in pop culture.

John Winston Lennon was born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool England to Alfred and Julia Lennon.

John’s father was a merchant marine and  was at sea a great deal of the time so he wasn’t around much.

John and his mother Julia lived in Liverpool until he went to live with his Aunt Mimi when he was about 4 years old.

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When John was 16 years old his mother bought him a guitar and already experiencing a love for music and artists like Elvis Presley, John formed a band “The Quarrymen” named after the school he attended Quarry Bank High School.

John met Paul McCartney in 1957 and they formed a friendship and musical partnership  that would last for over 10 years, and make him one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century.

I loved the Beatles, and John Lennon was so much more than music, he got involved in worldwide issues and causes in America.

John was the gritty part of the Beatles, Paul more of the mellow influence, and together they wrote song of the greatest songs in our history, that will be remember for centuries much like Mozart, Beethoven, and other classic composers.

On December 8 1980 after returning from a session, John was shot four times outside his apartment building by Mark David Chapman, he was rushed to the hospital, but was dead on arrival.

We can wonder what John would have been like at age 80, I’m sure if he was able, he would have probably been involved in peaceful demonstrations, and world issues.

Check out the gallery below, as we remember John

Remembering John Lennon

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