Delaware County Sheriff’s officials say five people are named under sealed indictments in connection with three separate investigations into narcotics trafficking in Grand Gorge, Roxbury and the Village of Delhi.

Delaware Sheriff mug shot Ramar Hassell

Delhi residents: 50-year-old Ramar Hassell, 54-year-old Valerie Alexander and 25-year-old William Effner along with 53-year-old Lorelei Hayden of Grand Gorge and 27-year-old Michael Johnson of Roxbury were indicted December 13.

Delaware Sheriff's mug shot Valerie Alexander
Delaware Sheriff mut shot William Effner

Sheriff’s officials say Hassell and Alexander are charged with felony sale of a controlled substance.  The pair, along with Effner were arrested following a November 5th search of a Meredith Street home where more than a half ounce of bulk heroin and thirty bags of packaged heroin, worth $5,000 on the street, were seized.

Delaware Sheriff's mug shot Lorelei Hayden
Delaware County Sheriff mug shot Michael Johnson

Hayden is accused of selling Oxycodone and Hydrocodone from her home in Grand Gorge last January while Johnson is accused of selling Suboxone from his home in Roxbury in April.