Smoking is a dangerous and expensive habit, but it's a lot more expensive in New York than it is in nearly any other state in the country.

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According to a study done by Adam McCann of WalletHub, Connecticut and the District of Columbia are the only places where it's more expensive to be a lifetime smoker than it is in New York. The total cost per smoker in New York is $3,906,274, which includes factors like a pack of cigarettes per day, health care expenses, lost income opportunities and other costs like secondhand smoke exposure. That ranks New York as the 49th most expensive state to be a lifetime smoker.

Per year the average cost per smoker is $81,381 with $4,365 of that mammoth number coming from out of pockets costs alone. Lifetime, the average out of pocket cost for smokers in New York is $209,539.

Just imagine what you could do with all that extra money if you quit smoking. I'm not one to tell somebody what to do with their lives. Spend your money how you want to spend it. But by the same logic I also should mention that having an extra $4,365 per year after saving on out of pocket expenses associated with smoking would is a pretty attractive alternative. You could spend it on a vacation or a giant television or invest it and watch your money grow as you plan your early retirement. Really the sky is the limit with all that extra cash on hand.

So if you still want to keep smoking after seeing those financial figures that's completely up to you. But it might be worth making a list of things you could buy if you took the scary dive and quit for good.

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