Joseph Foti, who has been the Business Manager for EPAC, has taken on the role as new Executive Director of the Endicott Performing Arts Center.

According to a news release from the Endicott Performing Arts Center, Joe’s experience will help provide quality entertainment and arts education to our community.

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The past year has been devasting to the arts and entertainment field, and EPAC feels Foti’s experience, including this pandemic year, will help successfully bring back the wonderful events, and workshops at affordable prices.

In the News release Foti said I would like to thank the EPAC Board of Directors for entrusting me with this great responsibility of bringing this truly amazing and unique performing arts center out of these dark times we’re living in.

EPAC will continue to help with assistance and scholarships to families in need, who participate in their programs and services, like the Puppet Tree Workshops, and events including Puppet Tree Project, and Shakespeare in the Park.

Providing and introducing many to the experience of live entertainment and artistic education outside the venue as well.

The Endicott Performing Arts Center will continue its mission statement regarding diversity and inclusiveness, reaching across lower income gaps, while providing quality entertainment.

EPAC has started another phase earlier this year with a Digital Recording Center to promote and create digital entertainment and art, for other arts organizations.

The recording center will create synergies with artists and students, through virtual events, streaming. and many other recording projects.

EPAC is taking all safety protocols during this pandemic and maintains its COVID-19 EPAC Safety Plan


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