Week 16 put more teams in the postseason and established home field advantage for the elite.

Let’s start with the Kansas City Chiefs, who are still showing signs of another Superbowl appearance with a 17-14 win over the Falcons, and sowing up the number one seed position on the AFC with home field throughout the playoffs.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers squeaked out an ugly win, breaking their three game losing streak, and clinching the AFC North with a 28-24 victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

The Seattle Seahawks defeated the LA Rams 20-9 and won the NFC West title.

Aaron Rodgers threw four touchdown passes in a 40-14 blow out over the Tennessee Titans.

The New York Jets won their second in a row, after losing 13 straight this season, with a 23-16 win over a COVID riddled Browns offense.

And now the NFC East battle for the division.

The New York Giants were man handled by the Baltimore Ravens in a 27-13 rout, the victory puts Baltimore’s hopes alive for a wildcard spot, and the Giants could still win the NFC East with a victory over the Cowboys next week, and a Washington loss to the Eagles.

The Dallas Cowboys still have a chance to win the NFC East as they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 37-17, a win over the Giants on Sunday, and a Washington loss will give them the division.

The Washington Football team is still in control of their destiny, in spite of a 20-13 loss to the Panthers yesterday, if Washington wins their final game next Sunday against the Eagles, they will win the NFC East.

The Cincinnati Bengals won their second straight game with a rare road win over the Houston Texans in a 37-31 yawner.

Chargers Quarterback Justin Herbert is on a roll throwing his 28th touchdown pass and breaking Baker Mayfield record for the most TD passes thrown in a rookie season, aa the LA Chargers pick up their third straight win 19-16 over the Denver Broncos.

The Chicago Bears are holding on to a possible NFC wild card spot with a 41-17 blowout over the Jacksonville Jaguars.


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