The New York Knicks and their fans started the season with some excitement, but that old familiar feeling of another losing season is coming back to the big apple.

After a couple of close loses in the first two games of the season the Knicks seemed to find a chemistry with their young roster, winning five out of their next six games, including a three game winning streak.

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Their defense was #1 against three point shooters, they defeated playoff teams like Milwaukee, Indiana and Atlanta.

The went into the weekend with a 5-3 record, and came off their third straight loss last night at 5-6.

The last three games they shot under 90 points per game' with losses to the Thunder (101-89)' Nuggets (114-89)' and last night they were soundly beaten by the Hornets (109-88)' a game in which they turned the ball over 16 times, committed 23 fouls' and shot 39.1 % from the field.

If I have learned one thing as a lifelong Knicks fan, and that is not to get too excited when they put a few wins together.

Coach Tom Thibodeau keeps saying the same thing, we have to learn from these losses, and I sincerely hope they do, because the fans are hungry for a competitive team, and albeit the season is young, the New York Knicks are starting to look like the NBA’s punching bag once again.

When the commentators are featuring highlights of the opposition, and praising their performances, because the team that is home to the network has nothing to highlight, except RJ Barrett’s shots bricking off the rim, it’s time to turn on Netflix.

The team has been shooting horribly, the Knicks leading scorer Julius Randall is being double and triple teamed, and the other players continue to force up shots and play one on one.

The zone played by the opposition has caused problems for the Knicks' who don’t have a lot of three-point depth on the roster, which may have been ok in the 1990’s' but not in today’s high scoring NBA game.

The season is young' and the team is still searching for chemistry' so can the Knicks shoot their way out of this? If you asked me last week' I would have said it looks like they can, but the games keep coming, and the losses are starting to pile up.

Let’s hope Tom Thibodeau can turn this around' and get this team back to the way they played a few games back.

Go Knicks!


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