The New York Knicks will get busy with their three first round picks in the NBA Draft on November 18th

New York has the 8th, 27th, and 38th picks, and there are a lot of different ways this could play out.

The rumblings around the sports world hint at the Knicks trying to get Russell Westbrook, who is clearly frustrated with this past season with Houston.

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The question is would Westbrook be a good fit with the Knicks young roster?  I’m not so sure, at 32 his quickness will start to so long down with age, and that is really his strong skill set.

Another possibility is Chris Paul,  who is looking to get out of OKC, I think that’s a great move for Paul, but a terrible idea for the Knicks, Paul is 35 and clearly on his way to retirement.

Fred VanVleet is another name that has come up, and he is clearly looking for big money, I see this as the best move out of these three, at 26 VanVleet is a proven guard, who can play the point, and put points on the board.

Victor Oladipo is another name on the free agency block, but he has had multiple injuries over the past few years, and has missed key point in the Pacers regular and post season play. This makes me a little nervous as the Knicks have made many bad choices with free agency ( Just a few names, Eddie Curry, Antonio McDyess)

The big glaring question, what would be the cost of any of these choices? And what would the Knicks have to give up, they have a group of young talent, who are clearly improving.

The Knicks organization has a lot of new management parts, with Leon Rose in the front office, and veteran coach Tom Thibodeau.

What are the Knicks draft choices?  A popular choice is TCU’s Desmond Bane, but who knows.

Building from the draft and making smart free agency choices has not worked well for the New York Knicks over the past 20 years.

Lets hope the new brain trusts will improve this franchise.

Go Knicks!


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