Cornell University has come up with a study showing what areas outside of New York City may be most vulnerable to illness and impact from the coronavirus based on age of population and health risks like obesity and smoking.



Broome County lists 7th for demographic vulnerability but 26 for health vulnerability based on numbers for asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and current smokers.

The demographic vulnerability figures are based on the percentage of the population where people are 80 years or older, living in group facilities like nursing homes are large extended households but also includes people in jails and prison or students living in dormitories.  The figures also include the percent of the population with a disability.

Hamilton Count ranked first for demographic vulnerability. Montgomery County took top ranking for health vulnerability.  Tioga County was 12th on the health risk chart and 30th for demographic. Chenango County was 15th for health and 13 for demographic vulnerability.


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