A Canton Borough Police Officer is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a juvenile.

Kathy Whyte/ WNBF News
Kathy Whyte/ WNBF News

Pennsylvania State Police say 27-year-old Joshua Gleco is accused of having child pornography and dozens of illegally recorded phone calls with local businesses, agencies and individuals on his cell phone.

Authorities say Gleco met the minor during the performance of his duties as a Canton Police officer and reportedly began the alleged inappropriate relationship that lasted a year starting in June of 2017.

During the course of the investigation, authorities seized Gleco’s cell phone and sent it to the Pennsylvania State Police Computer Crimes Unit where porn, the illegal phone exchanges and conversations with the juvenile in which lewd and sexually explicit language was used were uncovered.  The investigators said they also found images of Gleco and the juvenile in an inappropriate interaction.

Gleco is charged with three felony counts of wire tap, four felony counts of sexual abuse of children and misdemeanor corruption of minors.

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