Brush fires continue to flare up in the region as, in spite of a little rain, the lower levels of ground cover and debris remain very dry.

Firefighters in Kirkwood fought a brush fire near Interstate 81 North at about 4:45 p.m. March 26.

Another brush fire was reported about the same time along Route 79 in Susquehanna County that is believed to have been started by sparks from four-wheelers.

And 15 acres on a mountainside in Windsor was been charred in a brush fire later that evening.  That two alarm fire brought in 12 departments and an estimate 80 firefighters.

Fighting the fires was complicated by strong winds.

There were no injuries.

All of the brush fires are under investigation.

New York State has a ban on all open burning until mid May due to the danger of the dry vegetation catching fire and flames being spread by spring winds.