Broome County Executive Debra Preston says, after several years, the County is going to give municipalities more of the sales tax revenues next year.

The County changed the sharing formula before Preston took office to direct 55 percent to the County and 45 percent to municipalities.

When she took office, Preston said she planned to restore the sales tax sharing formula to 50/50.

Next year, the County will get 51.5 percent to 48.5 percent for local governments.

Municipal officials attending a news conference with Preston August 23 said returning some of the tax revenue will take a little pressure off finding money for programs and services.

The Republican County Executive announced her reelection bid in May.  She is facing Democratic former County Legislator Jason Garner, who flatly criticized Preston’s announcement, questioning why it took the Executive so long  to come close to fulfilling her promise of a 50/50 split.


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