Broome County is recording another double-digit increase in coronavirus infections and another death due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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The August 6 update puts the total number of Broome County deaths associated with the coronavirus at 70. There were also 14 additional infections reported for a total of 1,043. 

Getty Images/sonreir es gratis
Getty Images/sonreir es gratis

The other counties in the region; Chenango, Cortland, Delaware and Tioga Counties were unchanged from the previous day. 

(Chenango 212 cases and 7 deaths, Cortland 91 cases, Delaware 96 cases and 6 deaths, and Tioga County 199 and 25 deaths)  

New York State reports 703 new infections on Wednesday for a total of 418,928 but the number of positive results from the 72,000 people tested August 5 was less than one-percent (.9%).  There were three new deaths for a total of 25,185. 


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