Some Broome County residents are learning they no longer can include plastic bags in their curbside recycling bins.

Debra Smith, the county's solid waste management director, said plastic bags never were accepted in the curbside program. Despite that, many people placed items for recycling in plastic bags for convenience.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Smith said plastic bags cause problems for the machinery in the sorting facility. The bags often become entangled in sorting screens, requiring the system to be shut down so they can be manually removed.

Taylor Garbage Service last month notified its customers that it was changing its policies on what recyclable items it would take.

Plastic bags and plastic film can be recycled through recycling programs operated by some stores.

A complete list of items that may and may not be included in Broome curbside recycling bins is posted on the county website. The list may be found HERE.

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