Brody Hines was about to start 4th grade when he and his family received the news that would change their lives forever.

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Now approaching his 17th birthday, Brody has just finished chemo and radiation treatments for the fourth time in his life after being diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a brain cancer. This time around is his fiercest battle yet. But his attitude towards it all has inspired both his family and the community.

"He's just simply amazing," said Dianne Hoskins, a friend of the family. "He just has such an easy-going personality. He just takes it as it comes, he always has a smile on his face, he's very quiet but simply amazing. Being a cancer survivor myself, to watch Brody handles his disease, he's mature beyond his years."

Brody Hines Newark Valley
Sarah Hines

Brody and his family are planning a bucket list trip. He wants to visit every one of the 50 states he hasn't been to yet, along with as many Hard Rock Cafes as he can along the way. He's built a nice collection of refrigerator magnets and drum sticks from the various popular restaurant destinations.

In December, the family will pack into an RV and hit the road to see all the states Brody hasn't been to yet. And they need help from the community to make it happen.

"This last time was different," said Katherine Guiles, a friend of the family. "It wasn't in tumor form. The way it was described to me is, it was coating his brain. And so this was his last opportunity before he regresses again so that's why they're making sure this trip happens."

The trip, including gas, food and airfare to Alaska and Hawaii, could cost up to $20,000. As of Monday night, the family had reached about $5,500. For anybody interested in donating, you can scan the QR code below or Venmo your donation to @Sarah-Hines-51.

Brody Hines Bucket List Trip
Katherine Guiles and Dianne Hoskins

"This is the most unassuming, unwanting kid," said Guiles. He doesn't want to inconvenience anyone ever. To make this happen for him would be extra special because he's not asking for it. He doesn't want anyone to go out of their way. When he was asked about how he felt about what's going on, his response was "crap happens." Because he's like that, it makes me want to make this happen for them even more. And I want to make sure it doesn't financially strain his family to do this for him so they can make him smile and enjoy his time so I'm hoping more people can help us reach that goal and get to may $20,000 so there's no financial burden on his family."

Brody Hines Newark Valley
Sarah Hines

A general rule of journalism is not to end an article with a "call to action." Meaning that your stories shouldn't end with you asking readers to do something. I'm going to ignore that.

If you can, donate to help Brody and his family complete this trip. This is a great kid who caught a really tough break, and nothing would make me happier than to see the Binghamton community rally around him and make sure he and his family can do everything they want to do on this trip.

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