From 2019 to 2020, the population in the United States lagged, growing only by .35 percent which is the slowest growth rate that America has seen since 1900. Fewer babies were being born and more Baby Boomers died.

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Many states in America have been seeing net population losses over the past few years but there are some areas where the population has seen substantial growth which can be attributed to a variety of factors including quality of life, job opportunities, affordable housing, and more.

My family made the move 25 minutes across the New York border into Pennsylvania three years ago and we have not once regretted it, not even during pothole season or when we've received several more inches of snow on our mountain than New York has received in the valley. The cost of living is much better in Pennsylvania and the entire atmosphere is different.

One of the states that saw a decent size population growth is Pennsylvania and we know this because Stacker put together a list of the fastest-growing counties in Pennsylvania based on data released by the United States Census Bureau.

Among the fastest-growing counties in Pennsylvania is Bradford county which is located in Northeast Pennsylvania. Bradford county came in as the 47th fastest growing county and is the 41st largest county in Pennsylvania and the 876th latest county in the nation.

In 2020, the population of Bradford county was 59,967.  Bradford county still retains its rural charm though. According to Stacker, Bradford county is 99.2 percent rural and only has ten square miles of urban area, making it the 13th most rural county in all of Pennsylvania.

Stacker also discovered that the average median home value (in 2020) in Bradford county is $117,200. The average rent (in 2019) is $434 and the average monthly mortgage payment (in 2019) is $429.

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