A vacant, blighted house met its end on Wednesday morning when City of Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham and Gorick Construction fired up the excavator.

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After about 20 minutes, what was an eyesore of a house to Conklin Avenue neighbors became a big pile of wood and glass.

The property, located at 214 Conklin Avenue, will be incorporated into the City's Side Lot Program. That means that either a neighbor will purchase the property or it will remain empty as a permanent green space for flood hazard mitigation.

Broome County Community Development Block Grant

The City of Binghamton acquired the site after tax-foreclosure by Broome County. $207,700 in funds for the demolition were provided by the Community Development Block Grant.

Mayor Kraham stated, "Residents know blighted properties drag down entire neighborhoods, lowering nearby property values, attracting crime and diminishing quality of life. The City will continue to be aggressive in acquiring and demolishing eyesores and protecting the integrity of our neighborhoods."

The City of Binghamton will tear down five additional blighted properties in the coming weeks, located at 8 Franklin Street, 21 Pearne Street, 18 Rutherford Avenue, 537 State Street, and 63 Walnut street.

One neighbor watching the demolition of the blighted property noted that it's an all too common phenomenon in Binghamton to have landlords abandon properties when they're no longer profitable, leaving them in a state of disrepair. He also noted that anytime neighborhood residents heard sirens or saw flashing red and blue lights, they already knew what property was the subject of police investigation.

Conklin Avenue Binghamton Blighted Property
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Mayor Kraham also stated, "Residents don't deserve to see this on their way to work. Neighbors don't deserve to see this when they look out their windows. Kids who are walking to school don't deserve this. The condition of this property is clear and the City is taking action."

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