Binghamton University is meeting a milestone in the COVID-19 pandemic with administration of its 100,000th test for the coronavirus.

The mark doesn’t count any tests that were done prior to students moving onto campus.  Officials say the number does include all other tests for students, faculty and staff since the beginning of the fall 2020 semester and the spring semester move in.

Getty Images jarun011
Getty Images jarun011

Binghamton University had been a driving force in new infections in Broome County at the start of the spring semester, prompting officials to put a number of restrictions in place including banning social gatherings in common areas and limiting off campus bus service to only the times when classes were in session.  The infection rate dropped following the implementing of those regulations and the restrictions have since been lifted.

Testing was done randomly for the fall semester and ramped up to include every student, faculty and staff member with a regular presence on campus for the spring semester.

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University officials say testing will be continuing but now they are setting their sights on vaccinations. Plans are being finalized to begin administering vaccines to students when they become eligible as designated by New York State.

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