The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a new way of life for the foreseeable future, where safety and social distancing is the norm.

The restart plan for the Binghamton University aims to protect the health and safety of the students, staff, faculty and our community

Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger said on Binghamton Now's Friday morning broadcast the university's code of conduct is key to keeping everyone safe and students will be expected to follow the rules.

The fall semester is expected to start on August 26th  students will have the option of attending classes on line and anyone attending classes on the campus can expect distancing plans to be in place, if class size is beyond the acceptable limit of 85 students, most will be asked to view classes on line or have the option of switching with classmates each week, so that one group can attend classes in the classroom, while the other half attends on line.

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Dr. Stenger said every faculty member will have the ability from their laptop to simultaneously broadcast steam their classes as well as giving their classes.

The registration process is underway and many students are selecting their classes, upperclassmen have already completed the process, but will have the ability to upgrade as the start date nears.

Dr. Stenger says they have plenty of internet band on campus to handle the streaming of lectures.

Students will stay at their housing in Binghamton and others in the campus dormitory which will give them the academic environment they may not get from living at home.

Dr. Stenger says registration has been steady and it appears most students will want to come back to the campus this semester.

The schedule doesn’t allow for breaks or holidays from August 26th to the Thanksgiving break, when with only five school days remaining, students will leave the campus, most returning home with all remaining classes on line.

The BU sports programs are still in the planning stages.

Dr. Stenger says this is what college life will look like, until COVID 19 is under control, and we can vaccinate students.

You can hear the complete interview with Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger on the June 26th podcast of Binghamton Now. Click here to learn how to download prior episodes of WNBF programming

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