The on-air shooting of a reporter and videographer of during a Virginia television station's morning newscast has renewed discussions of the safety of working journalists.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News [file][/caption]Police in southwest Virginia said the suspect in Wednesday's shooting during a "live shot" died shortly after he shot himself. The employees of WDBJ who were attacked - Alison Parker and Adam Ward - died at the scene where they were doing a feature segment.

WBNG-TV general manager Greg Catlin - who was a news reporter in Elmira and Binghamton - said what happened in Virginia was shocking. He said those who work for Action News have been talking about the incident and the need "to be careful" when out in the field.

WBNG-TV news director Candace Chapman agreed that the on-air killings were shocking. But she noted there have been a series of deadly incidents around the country in places like churches and movie theaters where people generally have felt safe.

Chapman said she's reminded Action News reporters and videographers "to be mindful of your safety at all times." She said the safety of the journalists is more important than getting a story.

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