The City of Binghamton is replacing a hydrant in one neighborhood that can cause an inconvenience for residents at a couple dozen homes.

The Water Department is doing work on Phelps Street from 8 about 3 p.m. May 23, interrupting water to about 30 homes during that period.

The City says residents should not attempt to use water service during the work hours since that could damage meters, pipes, appliances and/or clothing in washing machines.

In a Notice of Interruption, City Hall says Binghamton will not be responsible for any damaged caused by residents' use of water service during the scheduled work.

The Water Department will flush the transmission lines after the work is finished and residents could see some discoloration or cloudiness lingering after the project's completion.

Residents are strongly advised to check the cold water before using any water in the home.  It may be necessary to run the cold tap for a short period of time to clear the water service.

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