A Binghamton man, identified as Hamail R. Waddell, is currently facing several charges following a series of violent incidents that took place on Sunday morning.

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The Broome County Sheriff's Office says that the string of violence started with a confrontation with restaurant staff and customers, leading to further altercations with Sheriff's Deputies during and after his arrest.

Broome County Sheriff's Deputies report that on October 29th, 2023, at approximately 4:10 a.m., they responded to a disturbance at a restaurant located on Upper Front Street in the Town of Chenango. Authorities did not disclose the name of the restaurant.

Upon arrival, deputies encountered a group of individuals struggling to restrain a combative and irate male on the ground. After a brief struggle, deputies managed to handcuff the individual.

Following the incident, Sheriff's Deputies say an investigation determined that Waddell, aged 25, had been a customer at the restaurant. Allegedly, Waddell became agitated when his food took longer than expected to be served. He escalated the situation by entering the kitchen and engaging in a verbal altercation with the staff.  During the dispute, Waddell spat in a woman's face and physically assaulted two other patrons.

Authorities say the altercation between Waddell and the restaurant's staff and customers only ended when they managed to remove him from the premises and waited for the arrival of law enforcement. Upon being informed of his arrest, Waddell resisted getting into the patrol car, resulting in another struggle. Eventually, he was successfully placed in the vehicle, but his disruptive behavior continued. Waddell repeatedly kicked the car doors and struck his head against the window.

Upon arrival at the Broome County Sheriff's Office for processing, Waddell's aggressive and combative behavior persisted. He allegedly kicked an emergency fire door, causing damage to the handle. Waddell complained of a headache, and EMS personnel were summoned. However, due to his continued aggression, he had to be handcuffed during transport to Wilson Hospital.

At the hospital, Sheriff's Deputies say Waddell continued his disruptive conduct, verbally harassing other patients, including elderly individuals. Despite numerous warnings from hospital staff, security personnel, and Sheriff's deputies, he allegedly continued to use abusive language. As a result, medical personnel had to sedate Waddell in order to conduct a necessary CAT scan and provide medical care.

After being released from the hospital later in the afternoon on October 29th, authorities say Waddell was taken into custody and transported to Central Arraignment to face multiple charges. These charges include Criminal Mischief in the 3rd Degree, Obstructing Governmental Administration in the 2nd Degree, Disorderly Conduct - Fighting in Public Place, and Harassment in the 2nd Degree - Physical Contact. Waddell is currently awaiting arraignment.

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