Binghamton Police are investigating a series of robberies at the Saratoga Heights housing complex where victims are lured to an area to purchase items they found for sale online and then are robbed.

Police say the suspects are meeting the victims and ask them to follow them into the housing complex where the victim is robbed of their money. 


There are several online sites where people can sell things to other private citizens and many times rendezvous are arranged in parking lots or other locations.

Law enforcement officials want people to know there are secure sites available for legal transactions be conducted under the watchful eye of security cameras.  One such site is in the parking lot of the Broome County Public Safety Facility on Lieutenant VanWinkle Drive at the South entrance to Broome Community College in the Town of Dickinson.

Police also advise people to do as much research as possible on the person attempting to buy or sell an item.  Make sure their account looks legitimate and there is a clear way to get into contact with the buyer or seller.

Anyone with information about the Saratoga Heights robberies is asked to call Binghamton Police Detectives at (607) 772-7080.

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