Michael Treiman, the only announced Democratic candidate for Binghamton mayor, has pulled out of the race following a series of threats.

Treiman quit one week after he had announced his first campaign for public office.

In a Facebook post Tuesday night, Treiman wrote he was "officially dropping out of the race as of this moment."

In a brief interview Wednesday afternoon, Treiman confirmed he had decided to end his campaign.

Treiman had discussed his bid to challenge Republican incumbent Richard David during an appearance on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program Tuesday morning.

In his Facebook post, Treiman wrote that within four hours of that broadcast, he had received threats directed against him in messages at his campaign email address. He said he shrugged off those threats because they were only directed at him.

But by 6 p.m., he said he had received two more threats which were directed against his wife and children. He concluded they were "heinous attempts to scare me off" but planned to stay in the race.

Treiman that around 8 p.m., after returning home from picking up his two-year-old and eleven-month-old children from a sitter, someone in a pickup truck hurled a full soda container at him. Treiman said he was struck in the back as he turned to shield the younger child in his arms.

Treiman said the man who threw the beverage screamed "liberal scumbag" before racing away.

Treiman said he won't sacrifice the safety of his wife and children while running for office.

Although he didn't report the incident to police, Treiman said two Binghamton police detectives showed up at his home Wednesday morning. He said the investigators said they were told to check on him. Treiman said he talked with the detectives for about fifteen minutes.

Detective division supervisors were not immediately available to discuss the police investigation.

There now are no Democrats seeking the party's nomination for mayor. Binghamton University student Bella Rubinton, who in January said she was running, ended her bid just after Treiman announced he was running.

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