The Broome County District Attorney’s office is reporting another repeat felony offender is going back to prison.  

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34-year-old Douglas Holton of Binghamton was sentenced to five years in prison and five years post-release supervision after pleading guilty to felony Attempted Robbery in the Second Degree in connection with an incident in which store employees in Johnson City were threatened with a box cutter.  

Holton admitted that on June 14th, he attempted to shoplift merchandise from the Walmart and threated an employee when he was confronted. 

Douglas Holton photo provided by Broome District Attorney;s office-Wagner, Jeff J.
Douglas Holton photo provided by Broome District Attorney;s office-Wagner, Jeff J.

News Radio, WNBF reported Holton pleaded guilty to the felony count in August.

Authorities say when Holton had been stopped by the Walmart store employees on June 14, 2022 on suspicion of shoplifting, he flashed the utility blade and threatened to cut a worker.  That threat allowed him to flee the store. There were no injuries reported.

Holton was arrested a short time after that incident after he was spotted in the City of Binghamton and Johnson City Police were able to track him down and take him into custody without further incident.

The initial information provided to local  news sources did not detail whether Holton fled on foot or had a vehicle available to him. There were no other arrests announced, indicating the Binghamton man had acted alone.

Holton is familiar with the felony count with which he had been charged in the Walmart incident.  He had previously been convicted in 2008 of Attempted Robbery, in the First Degree in Broome County.

Broome County District Attorney Michael Korchak issued a statement following the November 30 sentencing in Broome County Court saying: "Repeat offenders like Holton diminish the quality of life in our community. Thanks to the Johnson City Police for their timely apprehension of this defendant."

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