The City of Binghamton is digging deep to make sure it maintains the safety of residents and businesses within its borders and downstream while protecting the certification of its flood walls

City officials are inspecting the walls and the pipes that run within them over the next two weeks at a cost of $48,850.  The project team of Barton & Loguidice engineers and Arold Constructon is doing the work.  The money is being allocated from Binghamton's capital fund.

City of Binghamton photo
City of Binghamton photo

Robots with cameras mounted on them are going subterranean to look for leaks in the conduits.  The cameras can go up to 50 feet through the pipes that would normally be inaccessible.  The video will then be analyzed to identify any problem areas that may need to be addressed.

Mayor Richard David says the inspections are required every five years by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the U-S Army Corps of Engineers.

David says in 2014, the DEC notified the City that it had missed a 2012 conduit inspection deadline.

The Republican says an emergency video inspection was ordered and steps taken to keep up on the evaluations to prevent the flood control system from being classified as unacceptable which could cost homeowners huge amounts of money in increased flood insurance costs.

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