Not everyone is paying attention to the new signs and barricades installed on a busy downtown Binghamton street.

Water Street between Court and Henry streets has been designated a one-way thoroughfare for northbound traffic. The change near the Boscov's department store went into effect last Friday.

But city police report some motorists have had difficulty making the adjustment. Officers were stationed at Water and Henry streets on the first day of the new traffic pattern to help drivers understand the adjustment.

The traffic signal at the intersection also was changed to a "flashing red" light to provide motorists with an additional indicator that a change had been implemented.

It's not known whether any tickets have been issued to drivers who ignore the three "Do Not Enter" signs, along with several orange and white barrels blocking what had been the southbound lane of Water Street.

Barricades and signs alert motorists that a section of Water Street is closed to southbound traffic. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

A City Hall news release was issued four days before the traffic pattern change to alert motorists of what was being done.

The one-way designation and the removal of the center median was done to provide more on-street parking ahead of the planned demolition of the crumbling Water Street parking garage. That project is expected to start after Christmas.

Diagonal parking spaces now line both sides of Water Street near Boscov's department store. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)
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