A local church is publicly opposing its conference’s stance against same-sex marriage and the ordination of gay clergy members.

Bob Joseph/ WNBF News
Bob Joseph/ WNBF News

A sign in front of Tabernacle United Methodist Church in Binghamton announces it remains all-inclusive and does not support the church conference’s decision. The Tabernacle church website says the location recognizes and celebrates diversity.

The vote in the UMC conference in Saint Louis supporting the conservative Traditional Plan is being seen as a possible lead up to a spit in America’s second-largest Protestant denomination.  The approval of the Traditional Plan came in a vote of 438-384 and came after hours of debate.

The United Methodist Church is a global denomination with many delegates attending this week from Africa where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities and relationships are against the law.

The Methodist Church already bans gay marriage.  The strengthening of the rule could mean suspension of a minister who performs a gay marriage for a year and removal of a pastor who continues to officiate same-sex unions from the clergy.

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