You’re invited to a very special birthday parade, one that will celebrate the 99th birthday of one of our neighbors who is a member of the Greatest Generation. Mr. Harold Gary of Montrose was born just before the start of the Depression in the 1920s and would go on to serve in the United States Navy during World War II.

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The Greatest Generation describes those Americans who not only grew up during the Great Depression era but who would also go on to fight in World War II. It was Tom Brokaw who popularized the term in his 1998 book, “The Greatest Generation.” Mr. Brokaw described those who lived through the Great Depression and World War II as men and women who fought not for glory, but because it was the "right thing to do."

World War II was the deadliest war in world history, with an estimated 70 million military and civilians killed. According to HistoryNet, “On average 27,000 people were killed each day between September 1, 1939, until the formal surrender of Japan on September 2, 1945.

Greg and Sharon Lewis
Greg and Sharon Lewis

Mr. Gary not only survived the Great Depression, but he survived his service to America in the most catastrophic war of all time. And now, you are invited to celebrate his 99th birthday by participating in a drive-by birthday parade.

The birthday parade for Mr. Gary will be held today, Thursday, May 28 at 2 p.m. in Montrose. If you’d like to participate, plan on meeting in the parking lot of United Methodist Church and First Presbyterian Church (both on Church Street in Montrose). The parade will begin at 2 p.m., but please try to arrive a few minutes before so that you can sign in so that Mr. Gary will have a list of everyone who participated in his parade.

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